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  The Beltster in Oil Tan

"Breakthrough" designs are as rare in gunleather as they are in firearms.

If you are looking for a quality concealed carry holster or leather gun holster, we are your one stop online shop for all of your holster needs, offering a variety of gun belt styles.  Whether you are looking for a specific draw side or draw position in a holster our beltster products are ideal as they are designed for use with such firearms as the 200 series Sig Sauer, Glock, or Colt 1911 to conceal the firearm close to your body. We hope to continue to offer you quality products made with fine gun leather in a variety of holsters at bargain prices.

The BELTSTER™, introduced in 1996, may be the ultimate daily-carry concealment rig. The only belt-integral carry mode in the known universe, the BELTSTER™ keeps your "holster" where it should be at all times. When you choose to carry, safety, security and speedy accessibility are second to none—and when you don't, the BELTSTER™ appears to be nothing more than an attractive belt.

Taking advantage of natural belt tension together with the appropriate (gun specific) stitch/wet-mold pattern, the BELTSTER™ perfectly retains the handgun, providing better weight distribution than any other carry mode, with a minimum of bulk.

Unless otherwise specified, all guns are placed in the strong-side, FBI kidney position, which is generally preferred and recommended by most experienced hanqgunners, with an approximate 15° forward cant.

We are now using Hermann Oak hides exclusively. Recent price changes reflect the increased cost of this exceptionally fine leather.


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Beltster Draw Positions Unlike most holsters, a BELTSTER™ made for any 1911-style auto will fit any other ever made. Likewise a Glock, so a person can carry their 17 and 26 in the same rig. Ambidextrous BELTSTER™s are available for any two guns, as well as ambi-crossdraw.

The BELSTER™ is available for ANY semi-automatic pistol model, as well as small-frame revolvers.

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